Cheesy Mushroom Dip – Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of Pintastic Recipes! In this episode, we tested an ooey gooey Cheesy Mushroom Dip recipe featured at This episode is a bit longer than the first, as the recipe is a bit more difficult and took longer to cook, however, alcohol is involved so we think you’ll be well entertained. If you’d like to try the dish yourself, check out the links below the video. Enjoy!

Rankings were mixed on this one. Charlene ranked the dish strictly on taste, while Ryan rated a bit more critically, factoring in prep time and presentation. Here are their ratings:

Charlene: 4.5/5 Pins
Ryan: 3/5 Pins

Click here to see the article on where the recipe was featured.
Click here to see the original recipe from the Mushrooms Canada Blog.

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