Cloud Bread – Episode 10

Welcome to episode 10 of Pintastic Recipes, now with better video and audio! We recently upgraded our filming equipment. We’ll now be filming using a Canon T3i DSLR equipped with a RODE VideoMic Pro shotgun microphone, so you can expect better quality videos going forward!

On to the important stuff. In this episode, we test a Cloud Bread recipe featured on What is Cloud Bread, you ask? It’s basically low-carb bread substitute made from three simple ingredients: eggs, cream cheese, and cream of tartar.

As always, the link to the original recipe is below if you’d like to make it yourself. Enjoy!

This one was tricky to rank because the Cloud Bread is very different when it is fresh out of the oven compared to when it is allowed to sit overnight in the fridge. That said, we decided to rank the Cloud Bread based on how it tasted after being allowed to sit overnight (which is how it is meant to be enjoyed). Here are the rankings:

Charlene: 3.75/5 Pins
Ryan: 4/5 Pins

Have you found any recipes on Pinterest that you’d like us to test? Tell us about them with a comment.

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