Baked Cauli-Tots – Episode 12

Welcome to episode 12 of Pintastic Recipes! In this episode, we test a Baked Cauli-Tots recipe, which is a healthy rendition of everyone’s childhood favorite, Tater Tots. This recipe comes from and is responsible for the FIRST-EVER 5-Pin rating on Pintastic Recipes! These Cauli-Tots even passed the taste test for our 2-year-old which is no easy task! Watch the episode now for all the delicious details. As always, the link to the original recipe is below if you’d like to make it yourself.

Both of us were amazed at how much these Cauli-Tots tasted like Tater Tots, especially since they are baked and contain no potatoes whatsoever. In fact, Charlene liked them so much that she gave them the first-ever 5-pin rating! Ryan, while also thoroughly impressed with the dish, gave a slightly lower, but still very respectable rating. Here are the official rankings:

Charlene: 5 / 5 Pins!!
Ryan: 4.5 / 5 Pins

Have you found any recipes on Pinterest that you’d like us to test? Tell us about them with a comment.

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