Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream – RQVR Minisode 1

Welcome to the first-ever “Really Quick Viewer Recipes (RQVR)” minisode! As you may already know, our RQVR minisodes are short episodes of Pintastic Recipes dedicated exclusively to highlighting and rating viewer-submitted recipes.

In this minisode, we test a Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream recipe sent in by Aileen from NutritionWithAileen.com. Aside from being gluten free and vegan, it’s also perfect for the holidays, so be sure to watch this episode if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the usual pumpkin pie you serve on Thanksgiving. As always, the link to the original recipe is below if you’d like to make it yourself.

Upon tasting the dish, we both agreed it was delicious, which is surprising considering Charlene doesn’t even like Pumpkin Pie! That’s all the details we’ll give away right now. You’ll just have to watch the minisode to find out why we thought it was so tasty. Here are the rankings:

Charlene: 4 / 5 Pins
Ryan: 4.5 / 5 Pins

Click here to see the recipe on NutritionWithAileen.com.

Do you have a recipe of your own that you’d like us to feature on a future RQVR minisode? Leave us a comment below with a link to the recipe!

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