Green Chile Chorizo Cauliflower Casserole

Welcome to another “Healthy January” edition of Pintastic Recipes! In this episode, we test a Green Chile Chorizo Cauliflower Casserole recipe from As the name of the website suggests, this recipe is perfect for all you Paleo dieters out there (as well as slow-carb dieters like Ryan). The link to the original recipe, as usual, is below if you’d like to make it yourself.

This recipe was tasty with a kick. The green chilies and chorizo both add a decent–but not overpowering–helping of spice to the dish, so if you’re super sensitive to spicy foods, proceed with caution. The only criticism we could come up with is that the texture of the finished product was a bit soft for us. Otherwise, thumbs up! Here are the rankings:

Charlene: 4.5 / 5 Pins
Ryan: 3.9 / 5 Pins

Have you found any recipes on Pinterest that you’d like us to test? Tell us about them with a comment.

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