Snickers Protein Smoothie

We’re baaaaaaack!

After a hiatus of more than 15 months, we FINALLY got around to making a new episode! We want to apologize to all our fans we left behind. Life just sort of … happened, and we weren’t able to make new episodes for a while. But we’re back, and we have a new set and new recipes to test. And while we can’t promise we’ll post new episodes every single week, we will do our best to post new shows as often as possible.

In this episode, we tested a Snickers Protein Smoothie recipe from While the concept was good, we both felt that it needed to be tweaked a bit to accomplish that perfect protein smoothie flavor.

Here are our ratings:

Charlene’s Rating: 2/5 Pins
Ryan’s Rating: 3.5/5 Pins

Click here to check out the recipe on Pinterest.

Enjoy the episode!

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