Skoshbox Unboxing and Taste-Testing

We’re back with another episode of Pintastic Recipes! This time, however, we do something a little different. We’ve set aside our spatulas and gone to the mailbox to get our first Skoshbox delivery!

What is Skoshbox, you ask? It’s basically a box filled with tasty and fun Japanese snacks, available as a monthly subscription. So, in this episode, we’re unboxing, taste-testing and rating our first Skoshbox. Enjoy!

Here’s how we rated it:

Charlene’s Rating: 5/5!!!
Ryan’s Rating: 4/5

Visit to learn more and to get your own Skoshbox.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored episode. We payed for our subscription out of our own pockets and recorded this episode, well, because we wanted to.

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