If you enjoy tasty food, familial shenanigans and occasional marital bickering, you’ve come to the right place. We’re just one big happy Pintastic family of 5 (8, if you include our three dogs) living life one Pintastic day at a time. Follow along and enjoy our entertaining vlogs and Pintastic Recipes episodes.


It started out with a simple idea: What if we started an internet show where we text some delicious-looking recipes we find on Pinterest to see if they’re as tasty as they look? Next thing you know, Pintastic Recipes was born.

Since it’s inception back in April of 2013, we’ve expanded our horizons beyond Pinterest and have tested all sorts of recipes like desserts, healthy dishes and holiday treats from all over the web. No matter what kind of food you crave, we’ve probably made a video for you. Check out our episodes page to watch them all!


When we’re not testing out the latest internet food sensation, we’re documenting our lives for our vlog. Ever wonder what does on in a normal day of a family of 5 (8, if you count our 3 dogs)? If so, follow along to get a glimpse of what goes on when we’re not filming Pintastic Recipes episodes.

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