• Foodie Field Trip To Pho Mai Lan

    Welcome to Pintastic Life’s first Foodie Field Trip!  Today we are visiting Pho MaiLan!

    On this beautiful 100 degree day, I decided I was in the mood for some Pho. For those who don’t know, Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup. For the most part, it is made with beef or chicken, broth, some herbs and rice noodles. I know what you are thinking… hot soup on a hot day?! In my defense some people believe that having hot soup or beverages on a hot day will actually cool you down. I have yet to experience that. I was just craving some Pho.

    We arrived at Pho Mai Lan around 11:30am. It seemed like the best time because no one was in there… yet. Apparently, it is the go-to spot for lunch and it got busy. Service, obviously, slowed down (it looked like there were only two servers) but they were still really nice and did their best to accommodate us when we needed it. The inside was nicely decorated and very clean! Tables were setup very simple which I didn’t mind at all—I was hungry.

    I ordered the Summer Rolls as an appetizer. These rolls have thinly sliced pork and shrimp, lettuce, vermicelli noodles and mint, all wrapped in rice paper. There were two rolls, each cut in half, and a peanut dipping sauce.  I am picky with Summer Rolls but these were good. They were refreshing and not too much mint, it was a nice subtle flavor. The pork was perfectly cooked and the dipping sauce had lots of flavor, without an overpowering peanut taste. It was a perfect balance for me.

    On to the main event: the PHO! I ordered the P7, Pho Tai, Chin, Nam. It’s a beef noodle soup with round-eye steak,well done brisket and flank. Mine came out at a perfect temperature for me. It wasn’t too hot where I couldn’t eat it but hot enough to cook the rare round-eye steak.  I layered the fixings on Thai basil, a couple fresh jalapeños, a few drizzles of Sriracha and hoisin sauce and bean sprouts, loads of it!  The rice noodles had a little bite to it and wasn’t too mushy. I wouldn’t say al dente but cooked slightly over. That made sense, right? The broth: A+ in my book! It had a great flavor to it, definitely balanced in flavor. I honestly ended up finishing the broth and leaving the noodles. The meat was also nice. It had a great texture and the brisket wasn’t too fatty. I actually enjoy a little fat to give it some flavor.

    My cousin and SIL got a Vermicelli Noodle Bowl. B4 – Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong.  The bowl comes with vermicelli noodles, fresh veggies, peanuts, crispy egg rolls and grilled sliced pork, oh… and a side of fish sauce.  They enjoyed their food but said the egg rolls had an oily aftertaste if that makes sense.

    So that is the end our of Foodie Field Trip! Don’t forget to check out the video and we will see you in the next vlog! What’s your favorite food when it’s hot out? Leave a comment and let me know!